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Self-leveling toppings
Epoxy mortars
Non shrink grouts
Elastomeric Waterproof Membranes
Urethane mortars
Novalac epoxies


 Concrete Floor Restoration, Joint Filling, Joint Transition Repair,Concrete Patching, Concrete Crack Repair , Crack Routing, Self-Leveling Decorative Concrete Resurfacing , Acid Staining, Decorative Epoxy Coatings , Acrylic  Coatings Decorative Polymer Overlayment, Trowel System, Floor Epoxy Painting, Secondary And Primary Containment, Elastomeric Waterproof Membranes Concrete Floor Patching Resurfacing Epoxy And Urethane Coatings Water-Repellent Sealer Slip Resistant Surfaces Chemical Resistant Coatings, Conductive (Esd) Coating, Concrete Cleaning And Maintenance Power Sweeping & Power Scrubbing Concrete Surface Preparation And Paint  Removal Shot Blasting / Scarifying / Diamond Grinding Flooring / Adhesive / Thin-Set Removal

 Solutions for industries like:

 Food and beverage Bakeries , Meat processing , Pharmaceutical , Traffic decks , Light manufacturing , Kitchens , Breweries Dairies , Heavy metal stamping industries , Electronic retailers , Mechanical rooms Pulp and paper , Wastewater treatment , laboratories , Animals shelters Warehouse , Commercial printing


Epoxy flooring, flakes system

Epoxy Flooring Source

Epoxy flooring, concrete coatings, Diamond grinding, glue removal, resurfacing, self levelling for commercial, industrial, warehous floors. QUALITY of work" " Long-lasting and durable floor coatings .
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