Decorative epoxy flooring

decorative epoxy flooring

Decorative epoxy flooring, concrete floor coating with Chip and Quartz Floor Systems are epoxy based broadcast floor systems that incorporate different kinds of broadcast media such as coloured chips or coloured quartz. Both systems are versatile in design, easy to clean, seamless, durable, and slip resistant while being cost-effective. Both systems can be coated with a urethane based topcoat to enhance scratch resistance and UV stability

Decorative epoxy flooringDecorative epoxy flooring

Decorative epoxy flooring


Decorative epoxy flooring are known for their excellent ability to protect substrates. They have high chemical resistance, long-term durability and top-notch aesthetics. However, even with these properties, epoxy floors must be properly maintained to ensure longevity, optimum performance and protection against damage and the build-up of bacteria. In other words, while these flooring systems are durable and reliable, they are not invincible. Read on for the benefits of showing your epoxy and urethane floors regular TLC.

Decorative epoxy flooring

Decorative epoxy flooring

Keeping epoxy and urethane floors properly maintained and clean will help you get the most out of your investment. Let’s face it – the longer the flooring system lasts, the less it costs over time! Proper maintenance will also help ensure that, should there be any issues, the manufacturer’s warranty will not be voided.

When you keep your Decorative Epoxy flooring looking good, it says a great deal about how you run your business. Floors that are properly maintained and regularly cleaned show everyone – from employees to customers and vendors – that you care about the facility in which you do business. Well maintained floors project a professional image, and some even say that they help increase employee productivity ,

Properly maintaining your floors is also critical for providing a safe and healthy environment for employees and customers. Maintenance and cleaning protocols will significantly reduce allergens, improve air quality and minimize slip and fall hazards.

It’s important to note that if your floors do become damaged, they must be repaired as soon as possible. The longer you wait to repair any damages, the more likely that the area will become a slip and fall hazard, as well a breeding ground for bacteria , epoxy floors are the perfect choice for many industrial and commercial applications. With their excellent properties, these coatings provide reliable and durable substrate protection , And with the right amount of TLC, your floors will last for years to come , if you want to learn more about decorative epoxy flooring click on

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