Polyurethane flooring

polyurethane mortar flooring

polyurethane mortar flooring

polyurethane flooring ,Tough conditions call for tough flooring systems, materials that can stand up to harsh chemicals, thermal shock and concrete expansion. polyurethane flooring system meets the needs of many industries that require high performance floors. Polyurethane flooring is versatile as well, giving contractors the ability to choose just the right urethane mortar flooring system for each individual job.

The Many Advantages of Urethane Mortar Systems

When it comes to harsh environments , Polyurethane flooring mortar systems are an excellent choice. These materials have the same coefficient of expansion as concrete and are extremely resistant to thermal shock. In other words, the coating system is unaffected by hot water wash downs. (The same cannot be said of epoxy coating systems. A 1/8-inch epoxy floor that is constantly washed down with hot water has a much higher chance of failing due to expansion rates). In addition, urethane mortar systems are resistant to a wide range of caustic and acidic chemicals and have excellent impact resistance.

Why Choose Urethane Mortar Systems for the Harshest of Environments

Urethane mortar systems are most often applied in industrial environments that are exposed to harsh chemicals and thermal shock on a daily basis. Wastewater treatment plants, chicken plants, meat plants, industrial and commercial kitchens, correctional facilities, pulp and paper manufacturing plants and petro-chemical facilities are some examples of areas that benefit from the application of urethane mortar systems. It’s not hard to see why the high performance and durable properties of urethane mortar systems are needed in these extremely severe conditions.

There is a Versatile Versions for Every Urethane Mortar Install

With endless decorative and industrial finish combinations, the urethane mortar flooring system is versatile while providing excellent protection for concrete floors. Here are a few versions of the polyurethane system:

HD is a self-priming, four component, 100% solids flooring system that is comprised of a urethane binder, pigments, powders and cementitious aggregrates. This system is installed at thicknesses ranging from 3/16-inch, 1/4-inch, 3/8-inch to 1/2-inch depending on the application requirements. It is designed for installation on new or damaged concrete. With this heavy duty material, contractors can trowel and leave it – no other coating layers are required.

TSLB is a troweled slurry broadcast quartz system. It is a three component, 100% solids polyurethane flooring system designed for a variety of applications over concrete or steel. This system provides conventional protection plus thermal shock resistance, with a wide range of both caustic and acid resistance (sulfuric acid, lactic acid, food acid and other organic materials).

SLBQ (self-leveling broadcast quartz) is a four component, notch trowel applied decorative urethane mortar resurfacer. SLBQ is comprised of urethaneurea binders, special pigments, brightly colored quartz aggregate and a high performance clear urethane or novolac epoxy sealer. SLBQ is applied at a ¼-inch nominal and exhibits high chemical and thermal shock resistance, excellent abrasion, thermal cycling and with a wide range of caustic and acid resistance.

MF is a three component, 100% solids polyurethane mortar monolithic flooring system designed for a variety of applications over concrete and other substrates. It can be applied to new concrete or substrates that have been exposed to contamination. MF is designed to reduce moisture vapor emissions and withstand moisture vapor transmission up to 20 lbs. It is installed from 1/8-inch to 3/16-inch thickness and yields a self-leveling matte finish, you can find out more about the polyurethane flooring at sika.com

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