Concrete floor grinding

Concrete floor grinding

Concrete floor grinding

Concrete floor grinding is a cutting process that involves removing a thin layer at the surface of hardened concrete using closely spaced diamond blades. Concrete floor grinding is one of many methods of surface preparation cleaning, removing trip hazards, levelling, repair is essential to the strength, durability, aesthetics and reliability of your manufacturing facility floor safety aspect.

Adhesive and coating removal by concrete floor grinding

Concrete floor grinding it is also can be used to remove coating or adhesive or any kind of paint from the surface of concrete, epoxy flooring longevity depends on quality of the surface prep prior to Epoxy Floor coating installation. Based on the hardness of the concrete, specific tooling is selected to achieve desired results, and the tooling, speed and machine settings are adjusted with each subsequent grinding pass.

Concrete floor grinding it’s also used in the Process of polishing

Diamond grinding it’s also used in the process of polishing concrete doesn’t damage the concrete and the surface is either prepared for resinous coating or further grinding continues to polish the concrete. Concrete Grinding machines connected to powerful vacuums to eliminate the majority of the concrete dust and prevent air contamination.

Warehouse floors

Warehouses have a lot of different uses, but typically they are high-traffic areas with heavy machinery and heavy product being stored on the floors. It is not unusual for the floor to get soiled by oil spills or other greasy lubricants from machines or forklifts. Uncoated concrete floors are difficult to clean and even more difficult to maintain. Concrete floor grinding it is also used before before publication of anypublication of any floor coating, the warehouse floor with concrete protective Coatings such as epoxy flooring, polyurethane floor resurfacing overlay will make it easier to maintain and will reduce future spending on crack and joint repair.

Concrete surface preparation grinding , shot blasting

Concrete surfaces are prepared before laying down a topcoat not only for superficial reasons but also for mechanical reasons. Construction work requires surface preparation prior to installing Epoxy Floor Coating in industrial and commercial applications in order to create long-lasting hold and durability. The texture of the existing concrete is an important consideration when laying down sika-floor coatings or epoxy resurfacing  materials.

What is Concrete Surface Profile or CSP?

Epoxy flooring and coatings need proper bonding. Construction professionals see to it that the surface has the right concrete surface profile or CSP. The International Concrete Repair institute has developed benchmark guidelines to help contractors. CSP is a measure of average distance from the peaks of the surface to the valleys

Surface Preparation

We know what it takes to get the floor you want and need. Hands down the most important part of a successful flooring system is the preparation and repair of the concrete substrate.

Prepping before coating or polishing a concrete floor is accomplished by the IA team through a combination of Diamond Grinding, Shot Blasting, Hand Grinding, Sanding, Scrubbing, Vacuuming and Joint Caulking to remove existing floor covering, dust and particles, to level and etch, and to repair all major cracks and chips. Preparation is essential to the strength, durability, aesthetics, and reliability of the floor. The best polishing team or epoxy floor coating solution will be unsuccessful without preparation by a skilled team.

Epoxy Floor Coatings require a slightly porous and very clean surface to adhere properly. The first steps in both coating and polishing projects include:

Removing residue, contaminants, older coatings

Removing carpet glue, tile mastics, and mortar beds

Carefully cleaning to remove dirt, grit, and debris

Leveling as necessary

Caulking joints, and filling cracks and pits based on the needs of the particular substrate

What’s the condition of your floor?

Do you have tile, hardwood or carpet currently on the floor, or glues or mastics left after the removal of that type of flooring?

Has there ever been an epoxy coating on your floor?

Is the current coating chipping, cracking or peeling?

How many divots and pits are present in your floor area?

Does your floor have chemical, oil or grease residue?

How long and deep are the cracks in your concrete slab?

Do you have joints that have started to wear or crack?

How deep is your dirt and grime layer?

Does your floor require any leveling?

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