Concrete floor resurfacing

Concrete floor resurfacing

Concrete floor resurfacing


worn-out concrete is not a pleasant sight, it involves a lot of cracks, dents, stains. It can be costly to top it off with tile or stone and even more costly to tear it out and install a new concrete floor. The best solution to restoring old concrete slabs is through concrete floor resurfacing.

Concrete floor resurfacing with epoxy flooring is an affordable makeover that is 3X stronger than concrete surfaces in industrial, commercial warehousing facilities interior floors in Toronto.

Benefits of Concrete Resurfacing

Decorative concrete floor resurfacing highly recommended it offers many benefits for industrial, commercial use:

Cost effective – It is an economical option because it requires less material, labor, and installation time than new concrete floor.

Aesthetics – There are various concrete floor resurfacing coatings and self levelling overlays to choose from, each with a range of designs and colour they last longer and do better job, non-porous surface made of epoxy resins flooring systems is scratch, heat, impact, and moisture resistant. Concrete on its own would absorb any and all harmful substances that would create an unhealthy work environment.

Durability – Concrete resurfacing makes use of materials that are tough, long-lasting, and they are easy to clean and maintain and create less hassle than any other floor. Dust, debris, dirt do not stick and stain your epoxy floors so you will be spending less time on maintenance and more time on your business.

Sustainability – It restores the existing concrete floors eliminating the need for new concrete material.

Coatings and Overlays for Decorative Concrete Resurfacing Projects

There are different types of coatings and overlays that can be used to give your concrete floor a facelift. Each one comes with their own special features, designs, colors, and more. Here is a brief description of each application that we offer:

Concrete resurfacing with Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy Flooring – A mix of resin and hardener, epoxy is well-known for being a durable material. This seamless coating is best used on commercial, industrial warehousing facilities concrete floor surfaces and garage floors in the GTA.

Polyurea Polyaspartic – This is also a two-component part A and B material similar to epoxy. It is tough, resistant to most chemicals, and it can be installed and cured in a short time, no production down Time. It also commonly used in commercial, industrial warehousing facilities floor surfaces and garage floors in the GTA. For more information about concrete floor resurfacing products you can go to

Treat yourself to better concrete spaces.

If You have uneven floors full of trip hazards don’t get mad get it even. Our concrete resurfacing solutions @ epoxy flooring source will make sure that your concrete surfaces are restored, renewed and free of trip hazard. We specialize in resurfacing and refinishing concrete floor surfaces for industrial, commercial and residential locations in Toronto. We also offer polished concrete, garage flooring, self-levelling overlays, and other decorative concrete coating services.

For a more detailed discussion, contact us or give us a call @ 4168818105 to request a free consultation and cost estimate.

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